Well-being Treatments

At Yoga Studio Nuweiba we have a dedicated massage room – The Green Room : massages for women and well-being treatments provided by Susan. Our treatments are designed to promote relaxation and a sense of peace and tranquility. We use only pure high quality oils and products. Our carrier oils and the essential oils that we combine, are sourced from  highly thought of European suppliers.  They are 100% free from preservatives, colouring and artificial fragrance. They are mainly from organically grown sources. Some other pure essential oils are from a highly respected  Egyptian company called Nefertari and other products are from authentic Ayurvedic suppliers and are of equally high quality. 

The products used in the 'Face The World Facial' are exclusive to practitioners who are trained to give this treatment. It is a unique experience and most likely to be the best facial that you will ever receive. 

Treatments Available:                                                          Visitors from Abroad                                                                                      who are not on a retreat with us:

Relaxing Massage, Aromatherapy 1 hour          450. le                                25. euros.                 

Hot, Stone Massage or Herbal Compress 1.25 hours                       500. le                               30 euros

Mat based Thai Massage with stretches.          500. le                               30.  euros

Aurvedic Face massage & Sinai clay Mask        400. le                                25. euros

'Face The World' luxury Facial                          450. le                                30. euros                  (plus your choice of mini hand, head or foot massage)

Mint & Eucalyptus Foot Scrub & Massage        300. le                                20. euros

Indian Head & Shoulder Massage                     300. le                                20. euros

Reiki Treatment 40 mins.                                  300. le                                20. euros

Ayurvedic Abdominal & Back massage. 400 le 20 euros

Stress Management & Yoga Nidra- 2hrs            300. le (2 persons 500.le)    20. euros (30.)    

BARS……Access Consciousness                       400. le                                 20. euros                                

RESET...TMJ Balance (2 sessions x 45mins)        400. le                                30. euros

Personal Room/Body Sprays 50ml                     150. le                                 10. euros

Pebble Meditation & Art Therapy                      300 le (2 persons 500.le)     20. euros (30)

Yoga Therapy     1.5 hrs  one 2 one                   300 le                                 20.  euros

Joining a Yoga Class 1.5 hrs              150 le 10. euros


Meditation guidance is also available, contact Susan for more details and to arrange times. Please note that the studio only offeres full body massage to women.         Body massage along with the other treatments are provided for clients within the Studio building.