Individually Blended Room & Body Sprays.

Hand blended and individually created with love at Yoga Studio Nuweiba.
These exquisite 50ml room sprays (or body sprays) are made from pure essential oils and fragrances, blended with distilled water and pure alcohol.  Non alcohol versions are also available.
The combinations can be light and fresh, rich and warming, sensual and earthy, calming and relaxing, uplifting and energising.
Some are designed to remove cooking and cigarette smells or to ward off insects and mosquitoes or to create an exotic ambiance.
Typical oils used:  lavender; orange blossom; rose; jasmine;  thyme; vanilla; coconut; frankincense; neroli, bergamot; lemon grass; oud; misk; amber; mint; geranium; sage; basil, sandal wood.

Fragrances can be created to help balance your Ayurvedic constitution.  Special blends to balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas.
For these Ayurvedic sprays, you would need to have a 10 minute consultation with Susan, the fragrance blender.  
Alternatively if you know your Ayurvedic constitution, a blend can be created to match.
Cost 150. le for 50ml bottle.

Alternatively we offer roll on oil perfumes, also individually blended and made with highest quality coconut oil and essential oils.