REIKI Treatment

Rei is Japanese for ‘universal’ and ki means ‘life force energy’.

Since ancient times, various methods of harnessing the universal life force energy have been discovered and created.

A Reiki practitioner is trained to pass on the life force energy through the laying on of hands.

Photo courtesy of Coral Coast Hotel & Faytography

Photo courtesy of Coral Coast Hotel & Faytography

The Reiki Session can promote several benefits:

Stress release and deep relaxation.

Strengthening of natural self-healing and the body’s immune system.

Increase in personal energy and vitality.

A healthy mind / body connection.

Detoxification and deep cleansing.

Release of emotional and energetic blockages.

During the treatment you remain dressed and lie comfortably with cushions, while the practitioner transmits the energy to you.

There may or may not be actual touch as the Reiki energy can be powerfully transmitted with the hands held a few inches away from the body in its energy field.

The treatment can be for overall well being or can focus on a particular problem area.

Unless you request otherwise, relaxing music accompanies the treatment.

Training To Be A Reiki Practitioner

At the Yoga Studio we run 3 courses:  Reiki 1 Practioner;  Reiki 2 Practitioner; Reiki Master.         These courses are held over 2 days or 4 days for the Master Level. On the first course, instruction is given on the channeling of Reiki energy, the history of Reiki, along with grounding and energy enhancing exercises, including some from the Ki Gong tradition plus personal Reiki giving practice.  Each course includes a special Reiki attunement for that level and you will receive a Reiki certificate in the Usui Reiki linage.

The cost of a single person training on a 2 day course is 2,800.le.       (about 140 euros)                  

                     For each additional person booking there is a reduction of 200.le per booking.                           The cost include lunch and drinks throughout the day.

Mother and daughter Reiki Level 1 practitioners at Yoga Studio Nuweiba.

Mother and daughter Reiki Level 1 practitioners at Yoga Studio Nuweiba.