DETOX RETREATS :  Four days of fresh juices; raw vegan food; yoga classes; meditation; well-being treatments and massage. We will teach you techniques for colon cleansing, lymphatic system and liver cleansing using herbs, breath work, dry skin brushing and relaxation.


The stresses of everyday life often lead to unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices. Poor diet, lack of exercise, worry and lack of sleep all result in our feeling discontented with life and ourselves. In addition environmental pollution and the toxins that build up from our diet and our emotional strains, can mean that we start to lose control of ourselves.

Giving yourself time to rid the body of these toxins, giving yourself time to relax and examine some of your choices, learning new techniques that will assist your health and well-being and beginning to honour your body, mind and spirit can start you on a path to a happier and more fruitful future.

The program of treatments, meal menu and activities whilst you are on this retreat will be individually designed for your particular needs and requirements. Below is an example of what could be included in your personal program.

Full board accommodation with raw food and juices. In some cases we include nourishing vegetarian soups or lightly cooked dishes.

Consultation to establish your individual requirements and health status.

Iridology consultation (analysis of health by looking at the iris)   or Ayurvedic constitution analysis

3 Yoga sessions, at least one being a restorative practice.

2 guided meditations & Yoga Nidra.

Colon cleansing drink

Deep breathing and skin brushing for lymphatic cleansing

Detoxifying body massage

Facial treatment or Reiki session

Art therapy

Time to swim and relax on the beach

Personal plan for a healthy future.

Cost of retreat with 3 nights single accommodation, meals, classes and treatments.   

…….300. Euros

15% discount for Egyptians.